Aircraft Management Company

  • Flight planning and scheduling

  • Aircraft insurance

  • Financial control

Every airplane owner needs an aircraft management company. Day-to-day operations of a plane aren’t nearly as glamorous as your bird, and they can quickly turn out to be a rather unpleasant full-time job. Licensing, insurance, and staff management are just a few things to consider. It is almost impossible to attain operational excellence if you have a business to run or a deal to make.

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We Are an All-in-One Aircraft Management Company

In 18,500 hours of flight, Polaris Aviation still has a flawless incident record. The key to this has been training our pilots and staff to deliver excellence in the following vital aspects of an aircraft management company:

  • Flight crew management: A well-trained pilot and crew are the best assurance for safety and efficiency in flight. We offer you white-glove aircraft solutions. Our entire team is keen to understand your patterns so that you don’t need to give instructions for everything you need.
  • Maintenance: Your plane will always be in the most serviceable conditions; we take maintenance seriously.
  • Compliance: You don’t want to fly into a country only to find you are ineligible for entry due to non-compliance. We ensure this never happens.
  • Privacy: We always keep ownership details and other confidential information private and secure.
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Are you ready to engage aircraft management solutions that make your ownership safe, convenient, and peaceful? If you need to offload the mundane, time-consuming aspects of airplane ownership, send an email to or call us at 706-654-2685 today!

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