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As an aircraft management company, Polaris is committed to the highest standards in safety and training, proven through our fully accredited (ARGUS and ISBAO) Safety Management Systems. When an aircraft management company builds its operation around safety, the benefits permeate every aspect of the operation, from the white glove in-cabin service to aircraft maintenance to monthly financial reports. A safe operation can be delivered economically when safety is embedded in an organization as it is at Polaris. It is part of everything we do, not an added expense.

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We Are an All-in-One Aircraft Management Company

Polaris Aviation Solutions has a flawless safety record over its entire 15 years of operation. The key to this success is our carefully selected and well-trained aircrew and maintenance staff. Our pilots train at the best facilities and are trained well beyond regulatory requirements. Our cabin services crews are butler trained to expertly meet any client need. Polaris crews perform to a level well beyond what is normally expected of an aircraft management company.

  • Flight crew management: Polaris handles everything, from recruiting the right people, to ensuring they are trained to deliver service beyond your expectations, to providing them with a suite of employee benefits and a nurturing Human Resources environment.
  • Maintenance: Your plane will always be serviced to manufacturer and regulatory requirements and more. Our maintenance teams take pride in the way your aircraft look and perform.
  • Compliance: You don’t want to fly into a country only to find you are ineligible for entry due to non-compliance. We ensure this never happens.
  • Privacy: Not every aircraft management company takes your privacy seriously. Polaris uses every legal and technical method to keep ownership details and other confidential information private and secure.
  • If an owner desires it, Polaris operates a well-respected Part 135 charter operation to generate revenue when an aircraft is not in use.
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