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Scott Mayer is the Vice President and COO of Polaris Aviation Solutions. Scott has over 11 years experience in various corporate finance/strategy/operations roles, in addition to several years working in aviation and corporate travel. He began his aviation career with a major U.S. retailer in 2009 by leading a 2-year redevelopment of their flight department, including charter operations, management of a Gulfstream GV, and several fractional aircraft. In 2012, Scott refocused his efforts with a larger U.S. retailer in Dallas, serving as their Sr. Director of Procurement and Corporate Aviation, managing 3 Gulfstreams flying over 1,850 hours annually in addition to leading a Procurement team that managed over $750M in operating expense contracts. Scott’s experience with global business/finance operations mixed with his knowledge of the aviation industry makes him an asset in ensuring non-flight related needs are both met and exceeded through efficient business process and proactive management of client relationships.

Myths of Flight Department Outsourcing

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Within the private aviation industry there is a negative connotation associated with flight department outsourcing to an aircraft management provider.  Much of this negativity stems from the history of aircraft management where providers lacked transparency and integrity, hiding fees in everything they could.  When the aviation industry took a hit during The Great Recession of the [...]

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Evaluating an Aircraft Manager

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If after considering our post entitled The Case for 3rd Party Aircraft Management you've determined it's time to evaluate your options, begin by identifying the most critical categories with the greatest impact to your business.  Based on our experience the most successful partnerships focus on 10 key areas.  This list can and should be be expanded upon, however [...]

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The Case for 3rd Party Aircraft Management

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In an environment of daily market swings, increasing shareholder pressures and transparency, but with a continuing need to run a more efficient and productive business, business aircraft are increasingly the focus of attention.  Corporate aircraft have become a lightning rod public relations nightmares, oftentimes leading to positive company results being overshadowed.  With that as the backdrop, however, [...]

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