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You have risen to where you are through hard work and intelligent decisions, and a BBJ charter is a well-earned convenience. Other than comfort, time is precious to you, and you can hardly afford to wait hours before landing to get things done. Do you want to hold board meetings mid-flight either in person or via teleconferencing and rest and freshen up because a crucial meeting awaits the moment you land? A Boeing Business Jet Charter from Polaris Aviation will give you all the above and more. Conduct your business in the plane, unwind and hit the ground running upon landing and count on us for everything regarding BBJ management.

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What Our Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Charter Offers

The 737-BBJ from the fleet that is under our management has the capacity to charter 149 passengers in a regular airliner. In the customized luxury flight version, the manufacturer whittled down the number of passengers to 19, modifying the rest of the space in this plane is repurposed for amenities for traveling business leaders. Some of the amenities included in our BBJ charter management are:

  • Couches and recliners
  • Partitioned spaces for privacy as you conduct business
  • Two full-height showers
  • Cutting-edge communication equipment, including satellite teleconferencing
  • Queen-sized bedroom
  • Versatility to land in both small and large airports
  • Excellent range and high cruise speeds
  • VVIP traveling status globally
  • Versatile cabin
  • 19 luxury-comfort seats for you and your associates
  • Highly trained pilots and a professional flight crew
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Discover Our BBJ Charter Services for Yourself

Do you want to enjoy the comfort of a Boeing business jet charter with the help of an experienced aviation management company? The cruise speeds and range enable you to make the best of your time, while the prestige gives you the social capital you need to engage the movers and shakers of your industry. You can reach out to us from anywhere globally, and our professionally staffed charter will take you wherever you want to go. We guarantee the privacy of your travels and discussions while aboard our planes. Send an email to or call us at 706-654-2685 for your white-glove Boeing business jet charter.

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