We Understand Aircraft Ownership

At Polaris Aviation, we have been managing a fleet of large jets for nearly a decade and we know the cost of owning one.

Budgeting and costs can be daunting and Polaris Aviation takes pride in offering its owners a customized management experience with collaborative, negotiated agreements to meet all of your needs.

Full-service Aircraft Management Services

Our Aircraft Management Services include all the services you expect — all tailored to your needs.

  • Dedicated flight and cabin crews
  • Flight planning and scheduling
  • Dedicated dispatch
  • Catering
  • Financial control
  • Maintenance coordination
  • Discount fuel arrangements
  • Aircraft insurance

Meanwhile our staff will coordinate domestic and international flights, skillfully arranging and managing all customs, clearances, and ground accommodations for a seamless and effortless experience.

Chartering Your Aircraft

For most aircraft owners, charter plays a role in their aircraft ownership strategy. Charter can reduce the cost of ownership, and offer tax advantages.  Polaris allows you to charter your aircraft when you’re not using it, generating income which helps defray the cost of the aircraft.

If you prefer NOT to charter your aircraft, Polaris Aviation has experts in finance, maintenance, international operations, safety, security, and human resources. We enable your dedicated flight crew to focus on the safe and efficient operations of your aircraft, while taking advantage of the power of  fleet ownership.

Take Advantage of Fleet Ownership

Best of all, we can save you money on operating expenses due to the purchasing power we receive as a flight department with numerous large aircraft. With Polaris Aviation you will notice bottom-line benefits specifically from our largely discounted jet fuel and insurance prices.

But the power of the Polaris fleet goes beyond fuel and insurance discounts. Our fleet size allows negotiations with vendors for volume discounts and favorable pricing for ALL products and services associated with your aircraft and therefore extends to all operating costs of your aircraft including maintenance and crew training.

No Hidden Fees

All discounted costs are passed to you, the client, with no up-charge. In addition we often win cost rebates for our clients — our insurance rebate averages 13%.  All rebates are also passed straight to our clients. 

Simplified Reporting

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand your expenses. Each aircraft owner is presented with easy-to-read, yet comprehensive, monthly reporting statements that detail all records for the aircraft’s fuel expenses, charter profits, crew, maintenance invoices, etc.

We provide quick, Summary Reports for your overall account and Detail Reports for each aircraft and for every trip.

Special Insurance Rates & Processing

Due to our impeccable safety record and ongoing relationship with insurance companies, Polaris is able to assist in obtaining and maintaining your aircraft insurance policies as well as compliance with those policies providing you with favorable, zero deductible rates and expedient document processing.

You can have total confidence that your investment is in safe hands.