Jet charter management

  • Flight planning and scheduling

  • Aircraft insurance

  • Financial control

A beautiful aircraft comes with its own set of bills and management hurdles and jet charter management can help take care of this. A jet is the kind of executive asset that has seen many owners entrust management to Polaris Aviation for the added benefits and peace of mind. We have accumulated a large fleet and the experience of almost a decade. We charter and/or manage all manner of aircraft, from airliners to private jets to helicopters.

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A Full Range of Services for Jet Charter Management

We provide a sumptuous management portfolio to select from for a tailored ownership experience for your private bird. We do the same for aircraft owned by corporate entities. Our charter services offset the overheads of maintaining aircraft and align the aircraft with professional aviation management standards. Some of the benefits that you would derive from our jet charter management service include:

  • Flight planning and scheduling
  • Dedicated dispatch
  • Arranging for fuel discounting
  • Coordination of maintenance
  • Provisioning for catering
Interior private jet

The Prudence of Our Jet Charter Management Service

Private aircraft owners, collectors, and enthusiasts embrace these services that come with smoother insurance and savvier financial control for the jet. It is becoming increasingly necessary to be prudent given that global aviation is influenced by the reactions to climate change, the upheavals of the pandemic, fluctuations in the price of oil, sanctions, and the list goes on. For both domestic and international charter, we’ve got you covered. Call or email us today! You can reach us through in*******@po*************.com and 706-654-2685.

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