Luxury private jet

  • Flight planning and scheduling

  • Aircraft insurance

  • Financial control

A luxury private jet is a crafted piece of machinery – and so should be your management plan for them. When well taken care of, these highly engineered vehicles will increase their lifespan in flight and prove safer than motor vehicles. It would be a shame to have a luxury private jet just lying there in a hangar with no charters – or even worse, being chartered and still making losses. Even while on exclusive-use-only by its owner(s), luxury jets require professional management. This is our expertise here at Polaris Aviation, unmatched in the industry.

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Keeping It Sublime in the Luxury Private Jet Business

The total experience of a luxury private jet is that of suavity when moving from point A to B, flight planning with dedicated flight and cabin crew is mandatory to ensure a safe, comfortable fight. It not only takes a lot of investment by highly trained personnel from the aviation industry, but also talented and agile management of both personnel and assets. Zero tolerance performance is the environment under which we operate, and we take pride in not only our own birds, but those entrusted to our care by their owners.

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