Private jet charter

  • Flight planning and scheduling

  • Aircraft insurance

  • Financial control

At Polaris Aviation, we specialize in private jet charter of aircraft assets from our inventory and our partners as one fleet. We integrate aviators, accountants, creditors, suppliers, maintenance, and in-flight crew to perfect our chartered private aircraft management. With the end goal of providing safe, luxurious flights to our travelers who are looking to charter private jets or while we’re ferrying owners, staff or VVIP guests to instructed destinations, we know exactly how to provide the private jet charter experience you and your passengers are seeking.

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When Our Clients Think of Private Jet Charter, They Think Peace

Floating clouds and endless horizons, punctual take offs and flawless arrivals. The allure of air travel is so high that even during previous lockdowns passengers still demanded to be in the air without a specific destination. We are proud to be on the ground with the planning that makes the private jet charter experience you are looking for a reality. As we continue to add countless flight hours under our private aircraft management, we are hard at work and collaborating towards mutual benefits as a fleet. These include the best insurance, best cabin crew, best maintenance and servicing, fuel rebates and discounts and outsourced tight financial control. Our clients are those looking to arrange for private charter of jets, jet liners and helicopters or combinations thereof.

Interior private jet

Benefit from an Excellent Solution to the Vagaries of Modern Private Aircraft Management

We are all having to deal with an unpredictable world that has hit the aviation industry hard in recent years. The resilience and dynamism of our private jet charter management has always seen us through the years. Our company and clients are successful because of our shared passion for luxury aircraft. As part of the logistics of air travel, we are an essential service demanded by clients and nurtured by the authorities. No aircraft should be languishing away accumulating parking fees when they could be turning their turbines in the air and churning a profit. Call us at 706-654-2685 or email us at in*******@po*************.com for a quote today!

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